image02Close your eyes and empty your mind. In your hands a blank silver sheet awaiting your command.
image03cleanse it and fill it with the wonder of childhood

MediaFilm and Press

image04Flavours, aromas, the natural splendour of your surroundings
image04The words of fondly remembered conversations
image03Let the thoughts flow through you. Take hold. Rich sensual forms born of imagination. Two lovers entwined.

Gallery My work

image02Reignite your inner rhythm. Be in control.
image03Allow the energy to flow, and breathe. Listen to your heart beat: begin the collision.

Events shows

image02 Each strike an expression. Punctuating.
image04Exposing an emotional response, a unique blend of order and chaos. Personalised.

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image02Feel your creation take shape. Bending to your will. A mesmerising dance of tools taking metal to its limit. Pulsating.
image04The breeze rippling over sunkissed waters.

Contact get in touch

image03Two bodies evolving as one, with each climactic stroke. Rich sensual forms born of imagination. Two lovers entwined.
image02Open your eyes. Feel the warmth fill you, and behold the wonder of creation.